Erm.. yes? Maybe? Not right now?

Let me guess!

  • You are enthusiastic about the business of fashion.
  • You spend a lot of time planning to start your fashion business yet, you don’t execute your plans
  • You have consumed a lot of information over time and haven’t acted on anyone (probably why you’re reading this) 
  • You convince yourself that it’s because you’re waiting for the perfect idea/time

My diagnosis? 

You are a WANTERPRENEUR who can’t get shit done!

But, I get it. Really.

I know that you’ll be screwed if you quit your soul sucking job without making these smart movesStarting a fashion business is hard work. It’s confusing. There’s so much you need to know. 

Luckily, I started Fashion Biz Academy to help you. I want to take you from WANTERPRENEUR to FASHIONPRENEUR



I share FREE fashion business tips you won't get any where else on the blog every week. Feel free to read and ask question via the comment section and I always reply.


Choose from a variety of e-books that can help you start and scale your fashion business without wasting time or money. I have written everything from starting a boutique, collaborations and delivery tracking. I'm certain you'll find them useful.


This self paced e-course is my signature product. It is in the oven and will be up for grabs in no time. It covers everything you need to know about starting a profitable business,getting customers and basically improving an already existing one. You get lifetime access.


toyosi smiling

I'm Toyosi Gregory-Jonah

I am a fashionpreneur and a fashion business coach. I help fashion business enthusiast and ongoing fashion entrepreneur to jump start and run a profitable and sustainable fashion business. 

Over the last 8 years I have been able to run and grow @desire1709fashion into a profitable fashion business amidst so many challenges, struggles and obstacles.

I know the struggles and how difficult it can be to start out or generally be successful in an environment that is perceived to be saturated and highly competitive. 

Especially if you have no idea where to start from, what to do first and/or  when to scale up.

Howbeit, I am super excited to announce that it doesn’t have to be that hard. With the right guidance and information you will be well on your way to starting and running a profitable and sustainable fashion business


  • Hello!!! Moji here. You may remember me from calling you months back when I was in an almost-crisis about managing POD and you dropped some gems on starting my business. But seriously, I just realized that I never really shared how much your advice set me on the right path. I would have been pricing wrongly and would have been stocking other people’s items and probably entered gbese if not for you. I an still a work in progress on pricing and a couple of other things but I can categorically say I would have been worse off if I hadn’t spoken to you. Thank you so much.
    After taking your advice I went on to launch @styleonabudget and much later @MojiLagos. Thank you also, for all you keep doing for newbies like me. It is very rare especially in fashion business.


    CEO, Style On A Budget
  • Hi Toyosi, thank you for the one-on-one session. It was worth the time honestly. I felt like I was talking to a close friend than a coach. The connection was just out of this world. Thank you for the time and all the information revealed within such a short time. I felt a lot relieved after the call and that was just what I needed. Shows that you know exactly what you are doing. Thanks and God bless


    Lead Developer, Automattic Inc
  • Toyosi, i want to really appreciate the session we had. the proof of concept on my collection was amazing, i wasn’t expecting so much but i was amazed. i didn’t want the session ending.
    Your dedication even helping outside from what we were meant to talk about. I can’t wait for the next session. Nit only not only working on the pieces but building ones confidence and touching more on the fashion industry in Nigeria. You’re amazing and sending kisses your way. This is a session I will recommend to anyone in the fashion business. Thanks so much!

    Jane Doe

    Store Manager, Walmart Inc

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