Providing fashion business owners with all the knowledge and guidance they need to build successful business, gives me a rush! I’m so thrilled to have maintained 100% positive feedback across all the areas that I work in. You can view a few of the reviews below.

Hello!!! Moji here. You may remember me from calling you months back when I was in an almost-crisis about managing POD and you dropped some gems on starting my business. But seriously, I just realized that I never really shared how much your advice set me on the right path. I would have been pricing wrongly and would have been stocking other people’s items and probably entered gbese if not for you. I an still a work in progress on pricing and a couple of other things but I can categorically say I would have been worse off if I hadn’t spoken to you. Thank you so much.
After taking your advice I went on to launch @styleonabudget and much later @MojiLagos. Thank you also, for all you keep doing for newbies like me. It is very rare especially in fashion business.


CEO, Style On A Budget Naija

Toyosi, I want to really appreciate the session we had. the proof of concept on my collection was amazing, I wasn’t expecting so much but I was amazed. I didn’t want the session ending.
Your dedication even helping outside from what we were meant to talk about. I can’t wait for the next session. Nit only not only working on the pieces but building ones confidence and touching more on the fashion industry in Nigeria. You’re amazing and sending kisses your way. This is a session I will recommend to anyone in the fashion business. Thanks so much!


Lead Developer, Automattic Inc

Hi Toyosi, thank you for the one-on-one session. It was worth the time honestly. I felt like I was talking to a close friend than a coach. The connection was just out of this world. Thank you for the time and all the information revealed within such a short time. I felt a lot relieved after the call and that was just what I needed. Shows that you know exactly what you are doing. Thanks and God bless


The difference between you and other coaches is you sell not just a one time motivated feeling, you take your mentees on a journey from the very first word. You make us feel totally comfortable, like you are part of us, understanding every inch of our minds, our dispositions, situations etc.We haven’t even started and I already feel empowered than I have felt in a long time. Thank you for the powerful session, looking forward to more.


CEO, Tozzafashion and

Spent this morning on the phone with this mumpreneur @tgjonah. A conversation that saved me a lot of money, got me thinking and also put things in better perspective. A conversation that had me realizing how good I am at what I do and how much I have to offer the world. Toyosi is gifted man and I like how she calls my name before starting any statement. It just sounds like a big sis syaing ‘Oma, listen to me’ I love you girl and I ca’t wait for us to take over the world!


CEO, Fashionsteward and sotectonicshop

Good morning sis, I wanted to thank you so very much for the call yesterday. We were on the phone for an hour thirty minutes and I didn’t want the call to end; because that’s how much value you give!!! You helped put a lot of things into perspective and ensure I’m not dropping the ball.

I believe that if a lot of people who set out to become fashion entrepreneurs had someone coach them like you do,  they wouldn’t be half as frustrated. You are gifted and your type is rare!!! Thank you for always keeping it real with no fluff. You’re amazing!!!


CEO, Curvy Girl Fashion

I was hearing you in my dreams oooo, your passion for sustainability and being successful is TOTAL

You gave more insight than I expected you were RAW. From crafting a brand, defining your market, creating brand pillars, design for body types, sourcing for fabrics, quality control, to staffing, home management, developing brand visuals.

That session was for me, you know I couldn’t write but I was visualizing everything that was said. Thank you so much!

Opeyemi Adebo

Thank you Toyosi for the one on one session! You provided instant solution to problems and questions I have been bothered about. I will definitely pay to you to help grow my business and I am looking forward to the wealth of knowledge in your e-book.