Want to grow your fashion business?

You have started your fashion business but aren’t making enough sales.

You are doing all the things coaches out there have told you to do but nothing is working. 

You want better results and you are ready to put in work.

Luckily, I know there are a lot of reasons why your business will fail this year but I don’t want that for you.

I started Fashion Biz Academy to help business like yours, GROW!

Learn how to network in the fashion industry with this free email course

GET the exact step-by-step process you need to grow your network FROM SCRATCH, connect with the RIGHT people, find collaboration partners, and GROW your business in the Nigerian fashion industry.



I publish an article every week with tips and tricks to help you START or SCALE your business. These articles are 100% free to read and you can ask any questions you need answers to in the comment section. This is a free way to get direct feedback from me.

E-BOOKS & E-CourseS

I have written a couple of e-books and courses you will find useful. With all the free information I give on this website and on social media, you can only imagine what is inside my paid products


I work with clients on a monthly basis to help them START and scale their business. I can only take on a couple of clients in a month and advice you to grab a spot as quickly as you can.


The free resource vault contains toolkits, checklists, workbooks etc and was designed for only FBA insiders. When you subscribe to receive fashion business tips via email, you also get the code to unlock the vault.

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I am a fashionpreneur and a fashion business coach. I help fashion business enthusiast and ongoing fashion entrepreneur to jump start and run a profitable and sustainable fashion business. 

Over the last 8 years I have been able to run and grow @desire1709fashion into a profitable fashion business amidst so many challenges, struggles and obstacles.

I know the struggles and how difficult it can be to start out or generally be successful in an environment that is perceived to be saturated and highly competitive. 

Especially if you have no idea where to start from, what to do first and/or  when to scale up.

Howbeit, I am super excited to announce that it doesn’t have to be that hard. With the right guidance and information you will be well on your way to starting and running a profitable and sustainable fashion business

I’ve helped over 50 fashion business owners START and GROW their businesses, and this is what some of them have to say


Book a FREE 15 minutes clarity call with me to find out how I can help you GROW your business right now.


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