increase sales this valentine

8 Marketing Tactics To Increase Sales This Valentine

Marketing tactics to increase sales this valentine because that’s what truly matters. Okay, love is what we are celebrating but you get the point. Valentine is upon us and while everyone and their dog is thinking of who will be their valentine, fashion business owners like you and I are looking for ways to make…

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Build an excited community


Building an excited community before you launch your fashion business is a no-brainer. This might look like a very difficult task but it is worth it in the end. If you ignore this, you might end up launching to crickets. I don’t want that for you so I went ahead and wrote out how to…

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3 Key Questions You Need To Ask Yourself before starting a fashion business

3 Key Questions You Need To Ask Yourself (Before Starting Your Fashion Business)

Many fashion entrepreneurs rush into starting their fashion businesses. I can understand the rush that comes with finally quitting your job and following your passion. But not doing a couple of things before quitting their jobs is one of the reasons why your fashion business will fail this year. There are 3 key questions you…

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Top 4 Instagram Tips To Grow Your Fashion Business

In this article, I share my top 4 Instagram tips to grow your fashion business.  Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in recent times. It is a perfect platform for fashion businesses looking to increase brand awareness and increase sales. Instagram marketing has grown so much that some businesses don’t have…

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