start a fashion business in Nigeria

How to Start a Fashion Business in Nigeria

The fashion business in Nigeria or anywhere involves producing, importing, exporting and general sale of fashion items. It is gaining widespread popularity in Nigeria as fashion designers face increased demand from people who want designer clothes, customized traditional wears and those who want imported fashion items. Everyone in Nigeria wears clothes and so people who…

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prevent burnout as a fashionpreneur


If you are looking to prevent burnout as a fashionpreneur, you need these simple hacks. The fashion industry is fast paced. Keeping up with every single trend, handling customers and generally managing a fashion business is stressful. You have to constantly improve yourself and be intentional about your self-care to prevent burnout. HERE ARE 5…

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perfect name for your fashion business

How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your Fashion Business

Choosing a perfect name for your fashion business is very important if it’s going to be successful and it’s key to differentiating you from your competitors. Sometimes, customers associate a business name with the value it provides to them. Choosing a business name doesn’t have to be a tedious task. In this post I share…

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corona virus


We had so much plans for 2020. I’m sure none of them involved closing your store and social distancing. Corona virus has hit us, and has hit us hard. I mean, even Giorgio Armani held his women’s Fall/Winter 2020/2021 fashion show in an empty theater! The models even wore masks. People are encouraged to work from…

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excess stock

6 Smart Ways to Profit from Excess Stock in Your Fashion Business

Excess stock in fashion business is a nuisance. Apart from taking up useful space in your store, it ties up money and keeps you from reinvesting in other things that’d yield immediate profit. Paying close attention to your sales and inventory so you know how fast or slow each product is moving is important. As…

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shouldn’t start a fashion business

7 Strong Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start a Fashion Business

I’m serious. These are 7 strong reasons why you shouldn’t start a fashion business. It looks glamorous from the outside but trust me, it is tough. In as much as I help fashion business enthusiasts start and grow their fashion businesses, I understand that it takes more than a wish to look fabulous to actually…

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