I’m Toyosi Gregory-Jonah! I started Fashion Biz Academy out of a passion to help aspiring and ongoing fashionpreneurs win in the fashion business world by teaching them tangible fashion business knowledge and strategies to start and grow their own fashion business into a profitable and sustainable one.

When I started desire1709fashion while still working my 9-5 a little over 8 years ago, I was driven by my love for fashion. I found joy helping my colleagues’ source for quality corporate wears at affordable prices. Little did I know that my love for fashion was not enough to start and run a sustainable fashion business. The business models/market studies I found didn’t give a 100% result across different geographical locations. The predecessors in the industry were secretive and wouldn’t share their knowledge.

I was left to figure out the journey myself and in doing so I made so many avoidable mistakes that cost me time, money and even relationships. Amidst all of these challenges and obstacles I have been able to run and grow desire1709fashion into a profitable and sustainable business that can run without me. The Desire1709fashion brand has grown through social media with a large following. I have also built a personal following of fashion lovers and women looking to be inspired. When it comes to building a fashion brand I can say that I have walked the walk.

It is one thing to know what business you want to venture into but the hardest part is to know how to start and what it entails. I’m using Fashion Biz Academy as a platform to give you access to resources, guides and coaching that I didn’t get when I started.