When you create a new product, you will want to promote it to actually get people interested. Effectively marketing your new offer in the channels that your target audience would appreciate it is important. No matter how important or value packed your product is, no one will buy it or even appreciate how amazing your offer is, unless you tell them right?

I realised that a lot of fashionpreneurs utilize only social media to promote their new offer and while this is good, it shouldn’t be used as the only method. Using multiple channels to advertise your new offer is far more profitable.

These 8 sure-fire ways will help you get your new offer in front of the right audience.

#1 Use Affiliates:

Affiliate marketing is a grossly underutilized marketing platform that Nigerian fashionpreneurs ignore. This simply means that you would be collaborating with another brand that has a similar target audience and would promote your new offer to their audience for a commission.

#2 Send them emails:

In this age and time, it is important to have the email addresses of your customers, being their friends on social media is no longer a enough because you can lose everything in t he blink of an eye. When you have their email addresses you can create an automated series to officially build anticipation and launch your new offer.

#3 Stress the benefits:

Ensure that you clearly elucidate the value your product has and focus on the benefits your customer would get. Instead of just saying “I have a new product that you should buy immediately” you should say “my new product does X, Y and Z and I know it will help you solve the W problem that you have”

#4 Have a pre-order/ early bird offer:

You might want to offer an early bird price usually a discount to encourage people to buy. This should always have a limited duration and not mess with your profit margin so that you won’t end up running at a loss.

#5 Work with fashion influencers and editors:

You have to make good use of authorities in your niche that people already know, like and trust. You could get them to register as affiliates of your product. Try to work with editors to get publicity for the new offer via magazines or newspapers. This will help you sell the benefits to readers (include photographs if you can.)

#6 Use social media:

Announce on social media and use targeted ads. You and your employees can work together to spread the word. Ask them to tell customers and other contacts in their networks (this isn’t your right, but if you have a good relationship with your employees, they would be happy to help you market your new offer through their private social media platforms). Online social networking tools such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even WhatsApp can be effective for this.

#7 Use existing products as an up sale:

Use established products or services as bait. You can give free samples or discount vouchers of an existing product that your customer already likes if they purchase you new offer.

#8 Get your customers to spread the word:

Word-of-mouth marketing is one the most effective form of advertising your new offer, so get your customers to work for you. You can easily get them on board by offering them a reward, such as a discount on their own order, for each new paying customer they introduce to your new product or service.

I hope you find these simple surefire ways to promote your new offer helpful. Which of these tips do you use? Are they any other tips you use that are not listed here? Share in the comment section.

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