increase sales this valentine

Marketing tactics to increase sales this valentine because that’s what truly matters. Okay, love is what we are celebrating but you get the point.

Valentine is upon us and while everyone and their dog is thinking of who will be their valentine, fashion business owners like you and I are looking for ways to make more sales. It can get overwhelming especially if you don’t get the results you want. So this year, I decided to share all the top 8 marketing tactics to increase sales this valentine and every other valentine.

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According to The Sun Nigeria, Nigerians spend thirty billion naira on gifts and luxury items every valentine.

My Top 8 Tactics To Increase Sales This Valentine

1.) Use Tools

There are a lot of tools available that contain everything you need to sell, market, and deliver content smoothly to your consumers. The best part? Most of them are FREE to use. Using tools to plan and schedule your content in advance ill save you a lot of time. You may want to check out the top 10 apps I use in my content creation process.

2.) Use autoresponder emails

If you read this blog, you already knows how important email marketing is to me. Despite all of the other marketing platforms out there, email still remains the most effective way to drive sales for your business. Communication is the key to get more sales. The more you communicate and inform your customers about your Valentine sales, the greater the chances of increasing sales.
I especially love the fact that it can be done on autopilot. So if you add some exciting offers and discount coupons to the formation in your emails so that the customers are tempted to buy. You can bundle some items together and offer a greater discount to loyal customers.

3.) Use Urgent Call To Actions (CTAs) And Be Customer Responsive

Urgent call to action will do the trick for some buyers. Remember I mentioned this when I talked about the 7 types of customers you’ll encounter and how to sell to them. Over the years I’ve found that the more urgent your call to action (CTA) is, the more the customer will be inclined to buy the product immediately rather than comparing prices with everyone on the block. Or even from your competitors later on.
If you are marketing via email, you can use countdown timers to encourage subscribers to take action immediately. You could also use scarcity to drive sales. Let them know that only 5 pieces are left can drive them to buy “before it is too late”.
All this won’t help you increase sales this valentine if you are unavailable. Don’t let your village witches win again this year. Respond to customers quickly and be polite and helpful. If you are too busy to do this, then outsource the job to a freelancer.

4.) Identify And Promote Your Valentine’s Day Friendly Products

This is very important. If you decide to promote everything in your store, you won’t stand out in any way. Instead what you want to do is identify the products that are well suited for valentine and push them out. You are 99% more likely to increase sales this valentine if you engage your customers with valentine day specific promotions that will convince them to buy from you (and not from one of the people trying to get a piece of the thirty billion naira).

5.) Provide Customers with Gift Ideas

Most people know they want to get valentine gifts for their loved ones but have no idea what to get. It is a real problem. This is where your gift guide/ideas work for you.
Not everytime- fashion item post. You could use Canva to create a graphic of ideas for men, women, couples, etc. post it as a carousel and you are gold!
If you have a website, then write blog posts or create a downloadable gift guide filled with different gift ideas for men, women, couples, friends etc. Be sure to link to your products so shoppers can immediately purchase from you when they find a gift idea they like.
Alternatively, you could collaborate with a blogger to write a valentine’s day gift ideas post and link to products you have on sale.

6.) Cross-Sell and Upsell Relevant Products

About 40% of 200 million Nigerians spend up to N5,000 buying gifts for their loved ones. This means that cross-sells and upsells can be a great strategy for increasing order size. If you don’t know how to up sell or cross sell. Please I beg you to go and learn about how to upsell and cross-sell. I take time to write these blog posts for free so that you can benefit and grow your business even if you don’t have money to invest in my paid products.
If you have staff working for you, then you need to teach them how to upsell and cross-sell too because they will need the information to increase your sales this valentine.

7.) Offer Free Delivery

You know what stops some shoppers in their tracks? Delivery cost. They’d rather go to the market to buy the product to avoid paying for delivery, especially if they are working with a tight budget. One way to keep this segment of customers is to offer free delivery.
If you can’t offer it, then don’t do it just because everyone is doing it or because Toyosi said so. You know where your business is financially so think well before you make that call. But if you can, then make sure you sing it loud enough so no one misses the information.

Can’t offer free delivery on all orders? It easy, fix a free delivery threshold. A free delivery threshold allows you to set a minimum order value that free delivery will be offered. For example, if it’s financially comfortable for you to offer free delivery on orders of N15,000 or more, then set your free shipping threshold at N15000. Any customer that buys items worth N15,000 or more gets free delivery. You’d see that customers who would have otherwise gotten something of N13,000 would make their purchase up to N15,000 in order to qualify for free delivery. Everyone wins.

8.) Single People Like Nice Things Too

If you look within the crowd and really listen, you’d see that about half (or more) of your consumers will not be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Remember that this might be some of your customers’ first valentine without a partner (perhaps they broke up or died). Rather than alienating them by strictly promoting Valentine deals for couples, mix in some other messaging that caters to those who are single. Encourage single shoppers to treat themselves and offer mouth-watering discounts to make them join in the fun.

I know, I know, it may be difficult to segment your shoppers by relationship status, but you can always incorporate a few single-focused emails, instagram posts, tweets etc in your campaigns.

These Are Easy Ways You Can Increase Sales This Valentine

However, remember that you’ll be competing against everyone at this time. Fashion business owners, hotels and even bakers. They all want a piece of the 30 billion naira! So, it’s a matter of who is the best in the game.
These tactics are guaranteed to help you sell more this Valentine. Even if you just have time to implement a couple of them, you’ll still see a positive impact on your sales. Share your own ideas in the comment section below.

Is this helpful? What other marketing tactics will you use to increase sales this valentine?

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