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Want to know the 7 types of customers you’ll encounter and how to sell to them? This post is for you

If you have been running a brick and mortar store for a while then you know the different type of customers. Now there’s no one manual on how to deal with them because they have different characteristics. It is important for you as a fashion business owner to know how to deal with them and make them buy.

In a previous post I explain the 4 types of complaining customers and how to handle them so this post is a bit like that. This time I am telling you the types of customers generally that you’d encounter in the course of running your business and how to sell to them

So get comfortable and read on.

7 Types Of Customers You’ll Encounter And How To Sell To Them

#1.) The wanderer

These type of customers basically wander into your store. They walk in because something caught their eye or because they want to kill time.

How to deal with wanderers

Wanderers should be acknowledge and left alone. However, make sure that you warmly let them know if you have any new arrivals or special deals running. The number way to get wanderers to buy from you is to arrange your store in a way that it highlights your most profitable products that are not pricey. This way, they’d easily impulse buy.

#2.) The focused customer

A focused customer is one that knows exactly want they want and want to buy just that and be on their way. They don’t have time to waste and trying to upsell or cross-sell to this customer is almost always a disaster.

How to deal with focused customers

Try not to waste their time and don’t even think of upselling to them. Remove every form of delay because they are really impatient and might just abandon the item and walk out if you the purchase process is too slow.

#3.) The well-informed shopper

This type of customer knows all the little details before deciding to make a purchase. They spend time researching and come to your store armed with all the information they need. They are the ones who will read product description, compare prices across 36 states in the country, read reviews, tell you the first influencer to wear a particular product etc. They might even go as far as researching your store.

Now this is why you should ensure that you handle complaining customers the right way. You want to be an authority in your niche so when they decide to research, you can pop up and they have you at the back of their mind.

How to deal with well-informed customers

Some well-informed customers not only research to make informed decisions, but to boost about their wealth of knowledge. Hence the first thing you should do is acknowledge their expertise and listen to them. You may ask questions to see where you can give information that they don’t already know. When you provide information about what they stand to gain from buying that item from you, they will start to feel like they are getting insider information and make a purchase. They already know the basic features and price so telling them that won’t impress them.

Instead tell them a story and weave it around the benefit of the product you want to sell. If you do thing right, you can upsell to this type of customer.

#4.) The cheap customer

Some customers are extremely frugal. They don’t mind going into 100 stores until they find the lowest price available. And they are not loyal to your brand either, they’ll leave you for your competitor for a price difference of N100.

How to deal with cheap customers

Now that you know they are after the lowest price point, what you need to do is make them feel like they are getting the best deal that might not be available for long.

Urgency works well with them and might make them purchase just before they decide to go through 101 stores selling your product to confirm the price. However, you have to maintain honesty and tell them the benefit of buying from you. The benefit might be higher quality etc. What you should focus on in your pitch is to tell them how buying what you sell ill save them money in the long run.

Let’s say you sell human hair and they are looking to buy synthetic hair. Explaining the durability of human hair and how they can keep re-using it for up to 5 years versus them buying a synthetic hair that can’t be used more than once or twice will make them see that they’d save money in the long run and invest in the upsell

However, hell will freeze over before some cheap customers will make a purchase without going through all the shops in your region so in this case, you should collect their contact details so that you can reach out to them when you are running a promotion.

#5.) The confused customer

This type of customers is basically indecisive. They can’t decide on what exactly to buy and might spend 5 hours in your store trying on all the shoes and still walk away without buying. This is either as a result of not enough information or too much information.

How to deal with confused customers                              

The first step is to ask questions. When you ask questions you get a better picture of what they are looking for and can educate/advise them accordingly.

If they’re comparing products, give them a genuine information on the items that they’re considering. Provide the pros and cons of each item, (this is where the rule of 3 comes in) and tailor your answers to their needs so they can make an informed decision.

Honesty is your best currency when dealing with a confused customer. You can’t afford to be pushy because they are likely going to suffer from buyer’s remorse and blame you for leading them astray. And might never buy from you again. You need them to trust you so whatever you recommend should be beneficial to them.

#6.) The Talkative

This type of customer loves to talk. They tell stories and generally have a good aura. However, they can engage you in fruitless discussion and prevent you or your staff from doing your jobs. They know the latest gossip in town and have a story to share about anything that comes up

How to deal with talkatives

No matter how irritated you are with talkatives, you need to handle them as professionally as possible. First you must listen to them and genuinely express an interest in what they are saying. You mustn’t talk. A nod, warm or smile will do.

However, you must draw the line if not they will walk all over you and prevent you from attending to other customers. Politely remind them that you’d love to stay and chat but need to get back to work.

#7.) The Loyal Customer

The loyal customer is my personal favorite. These ones already KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. It is easy to upsell or cross-sell to this type of customer.

How to treat your loyal customers

Remind them why they love you by doing all the little things that made them love you. You can only do this by asking them what they love most about your service. Getting this feedback will help you get better. If they like that you give them personal attention, make sure that even your staff do the same in your absence. You should also have a loyalty reward system in place. This could be special discounts or free gifts during the festive season like Christmas.

Final Words

These are just 7 types of customers you’ll encounter over time and how I deal with them. Which ones have you also noticed? Is they any type you have encountered and I didn’t mention here? Let me know in the comments.

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