As a business owner hoping to constantly improve your skills, you need to practice some tried and true formulas.

This has worked for me in my personal life and business, and it would help you too if you decide to do them.

  • #1 Be Open To Change

Take a look at the people you’d like to be like and note aspects of your life you can change. You can’t hold on to the same old ways of doing things especially when they have become obsolete and expect to improve. Remember that you should not lose your originality in the process.

  • #2 Set feasible goals

Set and prioritize your goals. Devise simple but effective action steps you will take to achieve your goals. It is best to break up your big goals into smaller goals as they make it easier to achieve.

  • #3 Update your knowledge

To improve yourself, you need to make effort to upgrade your knowledge by reading books, taking a course, attending workshops, seminars or taking advantage of free online classes (like the I host on Wednesdays on instagram). Doing some or all of these help would you stay up to date, know the latest trends and know what’s working and what’s not, to avoid making costly mistakes in your life and business.

  • #4 Request for feedback

It is good practice to ask for feedback when you provide a service to a client because; a positive feedback gives you job satisfaction and evidence you can use to convince a prospective client to patronize you. A negative review on the other hand, helps you know where you need to improve in order to build your business to the highest standard. Being afraid of constructive criticism is a bad business habit and would lead to ruins in the long run.

#5 Persevere

Things will not always go the way you plan. Be teachable and try to learn from your mistakes moving forward because entrepreneurship is NOT for the faint hearted. You must always persevere and be resilient in business. Remember that when the going gets tough, only the tough get going.

#6 Listen to podcasts

Sometimes you might be too busy to read books or do any of the aforementioned in post 3 above, but one simple way to stay on you’re a-game is to listen to podcasts. Especially from those you admire, you can play it on your way to work, school, while cooking etc and it would impact you greatly.

In conclusion, there are a lot of factors to put into consideration and a lot of rules to follow to keep improving yourself, so there’s no one rule fits all and the six mentioned above are just a brief run down to give you a nudge in the right direction.

I hope you try them out because they are guaranteed to work to your advantage.

Do you practice any other self improvement method? Let me know in the comment section

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