Do you know that there are some must haves in your prelaunch marketing checklist. In fact, even if you forget everything, you must remember to do them.

You need to start thinking about your marketing strategy before you launch. That way, you’d have an excited audience waiting for your product/service and ready to buy!

You see, I made this mistake only recently with the fashion boutique guide. I was too busy with other things and was just winging it. I didn’t have any laid down plan for the flow of events and totally forgot to promote the e-book to my email list throughout the pre-order period. It was a huge mistake which I believe negatively affected my sales, although the sales were good, it could have been better. But again, that’s just me.

A lot of people bought it because of my reputation in the fashion industry and not because I properly marketed the book. So if there were people just getting to know me and sitting on the fence, I regrettably didn’t do enough to convince them to buy. And they did not buy.

That said, you don’t want to launch your fashion business to crickets. You need to build awareness and make people realize how incomplete their lives are without your product.

Remember that your product has to be your ideal customers PRIORITY solution. You don’t want to be creating a product they’ll need next year, because it might be the reason your business will fail this year.

There are a variety of ways you can market your product/service before launching it and I’m going to be sharing my top seven.

Here Are 5 Must Haves in Your Prelaunch Marketing Checklist


Social media is a handy tool when it comes to community building. What you want to do is connect with your target audience and not just increase your number of followers. If you do not already have a social media account, then you need to create them and use consistent user handles so it is easy to find you on every platform even if you won’t be using all of them immediately.

You need to secure your name on all platforms to prevent your competition from reaping off your marketing efforts in the near future.
For a fashion business looking to show off your designs and grow engagement, you should put more effort on image-focused platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.
Lastly, brand everything you put on social media! Use your logo and brand colours on photos, videos and all marketing materials. Tease your followers with behind the scenes videos, sneak peeks images, etc.


This is one of the must haves in your prelaunch marketing checklist a lot of businesses in Nigeria today overlook. Collecting emails might seem irrelevant to you because you sell thrifted clothes but if you are looking to grow that business into something bigger, you’d want to keep in touch with your customers. Collecting emails isn’t a difficult thing to do. In fact, all you have to do is set it up and it will do its work on autopilot.

MailChimp is a free email platform you can use to collect information and keep them in the know about your product.
You can write a couple of emails about your product beforehand and set them to start going out once a new person subscribers or joins your waiting list.
When creating your email sign up for it is important to set expectations about what types of information you will send your subscribers and how often they’ll receive it. If you are using this on a landing page, you can add a countdown clock to make everything more exciting!


I talked about how great networking is last month and I even went on to share some insider secrets in my free networking email course. Networking is a great way for you to meet influencers and building relationships with them even.

Building the relationship way before you need them is key. You need to get influencers excited about your launch because when they are excited, they tell their audience to look out for your product.
Pro Tip: In my fashion business collaboration guide, I shared all my email and social media templates. You can use them to pitch to fashion influencers.


A lot of fashion business owners don’t know how to runs Ads and keep complaining about not getting results whenever they do. It is very simple to run Ads especially on Facebook. I could write all about it but it is better seen. I share the step by step (video) process in my upcoming e-course. You could join the waiting list HERE. It is free to join the list!
In order to re-target appropriately, you need a Facebook pixel. Once you pixel is installed, it will track whoever visits your page.

This data will help you dive deeper into the demographics of your audience, and re-target a custom audience based on people that have visited your site in the last 30 days. So your Ads are seen by the RIGHT people- your target customers.
Want to know how to set up a Facebook pixel? I share all the secrets about it + how to run Facebook Ads in my E-course. More about the course at the end of this article.


One reason my fashion boutique guide pre-launch marketing didn’t go so well was because I was doing everything on the go. It is best to prepare yourself by setting a feasible content calendar. Everything down to your copy materials should be ready and checked off your to-do list.
Now this isn’t an excuse for you to become a perfectionist. Done is better than perfect, but do it right.

I reckon you automate the ones you can automate and have a to-do list so you don’t forget anything. Some of the things you can schedule to go out automatically are emails, social media posts, and blog posts. Make use of apps that make content creation process easier. If you need to create materials for influencers, then do so before launch day!

This list is by far incomplete so what else is a must have on your prelaunch marketing checklist?

Let me know in the comments.
Like I mentioned earlier. I’m working on an e-course that covers all the areas in starting and scaling a fashion business and one module in that course is dedicated to marketing. I teach all the steps to take before launching, during the launch and after the launch.
You’ll learn everything about running Facebook Ads (video), installing a facebook pixel, and all the nitty-gritty stuff that make marketing work like magic!
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