5 Common Delivery Mistakes Ruining your Business

Delivery mistakes are very common in the fashion industry. A lot of things could go wrong when moving items from your store to a customer. These delivery mistakes are ruining a lot of businesses.

Today, I decided to write down 5 common delivery mistakes running your business and how to avoid them.

Here Are The 5 Common Delivery Mistakes Ruining Your Business

1.) Improper packaging

A lot of fashion business owners do not know that using cheap packaging can turn out to be very expensive. Improper packaging results in a higher probability of product damage. Using proper protective packaging can save you time and money.

Fragile goods need to be packaged in a way that limits movement during transit. You don’t want your customer rejecting an item because it got damaged in transit, do you? Something as simple as packaging may cost you your customer.

You must eliminate unnecessary costs and limit liability by taking the time to ensure your items are safely packaged.

2.) Incompetent Staff

Are your staff really paying attention? How is your customer service when you are not there? Are they present to answer the phone when a customer calls in to check on the delivery status of their item? You have to employ people who treat your business like their own.

Your members of staff have to be extremely careful when packaging items. They have to be sure that they are sending exactly what the customer requested for. They have to pay attention when giving information to or receiving information from your customer. A customer may get pissed off just by your staffs’ tone of voice.

3.) Incorrect address

You have to be extremely sure of your customers’ address. In the delivery tracker, I shared my experience with wrong address. I lost the item, it cost me a lot of money and made me look very unprofessional. Things could go wrong. Seriously. That’s why I set up measures to prevent them from happening.

Sometimes the mistake might be from the customer. Even one wrong number in the address information can result in a time-consuming headache. So, you have to check with them before the item leaves the store. Then you have to take in-house measures to enough it never comes from your end.

4.) Choosing The Wrong Delivery Company

No matter how top notch your customer service is, using the wrong delivery company is one mistake that will ruin your business. An unorganized delivery company will not only lose your item but will run away with your money. It happened to me.  I used a delivery company whose staff was supposed to receive payment on my behalf (it was payment on delivery). Guess what? The staff never returned with the money or the company bike. I wasn’t their only client he had received money for that day.

One time, a staff at a delivery company delayed delivering an item to a customer that needed it urgently and the customer got very angry and cancelled her order. The sad part was I couldn’t got hold of the delivery agent. When I called the company, they weren’t sure who they sent to pick up that particular customers’ item. They had to call all their agents one after the other to ask if they picked up the item. It was a mess. So you have to look very well before you choose a delivery company. Don’t go with the cheapest one available.

In the fashion business delivery tracker, I explain how I negotiate delivery costs with delivery companies and how that affects my packaging.

 5.) Lack Of Tracking Information

Customers are very impatient these days. I included. I want to know where my package is at every given time.

If you have an ecommerce store, you could provide tracking information for your customers. But if you don’t, then there’s another way. I devised this system for my business so that we keep customers up to date even if they don’t make their order via my online store.

I design the Fashion Business Delivery Tracker. A tool I use to know exactly where a customer’s item is and act as mediator between the delivery company and the customer. I’ve found that keeping your customer updated, helps them exercise a little more patience.

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