Fashion business like most businesses attracts people from all walks of life. Now not everyone that comes in contact with your service or product will be completely satisfied and may make an effort to complain. These customers who complain could be any of the main four types of complaining customers, and how you handle them will determine if you can turn a complaining customer to a loyal one.

It is imperative that you understand the kind of complaining customer you are dealing with and know how to deal with them.

#1 The Constructive Complainer

These type of complainers are primarily perfectionists. They can however be very useful to your business since they complain in a constructive manner and analyze your service/product extremely well. They are usually very detail oriented and rational when complaining about your product and feedback from them can help you do better.

You can easily win them over by providing them with details of your product and palpable proof in an organized manner.

#2 The Expressive Complainer

This type of complainer is very impulsive. They do not pay attention to detail like the constructive complainer, are very social and extroverted. They are the ones who would complain anywhere at any time (openly) without even complaining directly to you. In fact they may not think twice about expressing their dissatisfaction on social media without considering what it would do to your business.

The most practical way to handle this type of complaint is to promptly respond publicly. Because, asking them for a private session to ‘sort things out’ might make them go further to say they are not interested or make you look like you have something to hide. Doing this can turn a negative impression to a positive one.

#3 The Aggressive Complainer

These types of complainers are very hard to please. They may claim to know a product you created even better than you and can spend time talking without coming to a reasonable conclusion because they “know it all” and would rather educate you than get a solution to their problem. They are mostly emotional, controlling and can guilt trip you into anything if you don’t know what you are doing.

You can handle them by letting them speak to make them feel like they are in control, getting down to business and avoiding room for small talk

#4 The Passive Complainer

This type of complainer is very indecisive. They are introverted and hate being pressurized to make a purchase. The passive complainer is usually one of the most deadly types because they don’t complain directly to you or go on social media to complain like the expressive complainer and that way, you won’t even know that they don’t like your service/product or know what to correct. They might continue to do this and discourage others from patronizing you.

You can handle them by spending time to convince and reassure them on the value of your product and why they need it without being too salesy or pushy. Creating a survey regarding your service or product that they can anonymously reply to might encourage them to complain directly to you.

Regardless of the type of complainer your customer may be, it’s important that you handle all complaints professionally and treat your customers with care and respect in order to turn grumpy customers into raving fans.

I hope you found this useful. Which of these complainers have you encountered? Are they any types of complainers that are not listed here? Share with me in the comment section. You know I appreciate your feedback!

4 Thoughts to “4 Types of Complaining Customers And How To Handle Them”

  1. Funmi A

    When a customer is clearly at fault but would rather have you take the blame and try to make you incur the loss, how do you deal with such customers?

    1. toyosigregoryjonah

      The solution is there …since it is clear they are at fault ,you should be firm on your policies.Alternatively you may because of relationship want to please them and use your discretion to come to mutually favorable decision.

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