Let me take a wild guess. You are a fashion enthusiast and thinking about turning your passion for fashion into a profitable business.

Well, you’re certainly not alone. A lot of people want to do this too, but don’t know that there are different niches in fashion-entrepreneurship apart from designing and selling clothes. This post will give you 12 ideas and hopefully open your eyes to all the possibilities in the fashion industry, you can make money from.

Here Are 12 Small Business Ideas For Fashion Enthusiasts

#1: Start Your Own Clothing Line

You can start your own clothing line if you have that skill. It might be competitive but if you’re a creative designer or you can afford to partner with one, your own clothing fashion line would surely kick off and succeed

#2: Start Your Own Fashion Blog

Have a passion for writing? You could write about the latest trends, tips and news in the constantly evolving world of fashion by starting your own blog and make money blogging about what you love.

#3: Become a Fashion YouTuber

You can showcase your fashion-related talents by posting your videos on YouTube, from makeup tutorials to making dresses and build a community of raving fans who would pay for your services.

#4: Be a Fashion Designer

You can be a fashion designer and design clothes for others to sew. This would be a very rewarding job.

#5: Begin Your Own Wedding Gown Rental Business

Not every bride can afford a gown to be worn on only one day, you can begin a wedding gown rentals business. With the number of weddings every week, his would be both rewarding and lucrative for you.

#6: Be a Personal Stylist

Do you style your family and friends for events and stuff? You could become a personal stylist and offer fashion and style advice to people who need them. It would be a rewarding career and would certainly satisfy your ambition to work in fashion.

#7: Start Making Fashionable Handbags!

Like shoes, some women and even men can’t get too many handbags. Capitalize on the huge demand in the handbag market by making and marketing fashionable, trendy and unique handbags.

#8: Start an Online Boutique

You can build an ecommerce store and start selling some of your products online. It is much cheaper than renting/designing a brick and mortar store.

#9: Become a Fashion Consultant

Imagine if you become a fashion consultant to a celebrity! You could make money by giving advice to models, politicians and celebrities.

#10: Design Your Own Ties

You can design ties e.g. bow ties and carve a niche for yourself in that area. This will be very rewarding and is not a saturated market in Nigeria

#11: Start a Shoe Making/Repair Business

Starting a shoe making/repair business if you have the required skills, is a very lucrative and rewarding fashion business.

#12: Make and Sell Your Own Jewellery

You could make and sell your own jewellery in little or no time. Making jewellery is not as difficult as you may think. It is undoubtedly a rewarding and potentially successful business venture.

There are many more fashion business ideas and you can get a comprehensive resource of 32 fashion business ideas when you subscribe to receive updates. Kindly share this post with your friends if you found it useful and feel free to add other small business ideas you know in the comment section.

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