Getting return customers is just as important as getting new customers, if not more important. As a fashionpreneur you need to understand that just because a customer leaves a positive review of your service or product doesn’t mean they will return to your shop to buy in the nearest future. This is why you need to make a conscious effort to keep them coming back.

Return customers are simply put; the soul of your business. They not only buy from you for years, but also advertise you to friends and family which is a double win for you.
Customer loyalty is something that should not be toyed with because the difference between a failed business and a successful business might just be their ability to retain customers over time.

Here are 9 simple and effective ways to keep your customers loyal

#1 Stay in touch.

It is necessary to keep in touch with your customers even after a sale has been made. Instead of contacting your customer only when there’s something you want to sell to them. Some ways you can keep in touch is by engaging with their posts on social media, sending them email newsletter, or special incentive. Instead of doing a giveaway, you can decide to contact one of your loyal customers and say “I just got this and couldn’t stop myself from imagining how this dress will look on you so I am giving it to you for free”. Howbeit, you should know when to draw the line between being a nuisance and keeping in touch.

#2 Don’t expect them to remember you.

You can’t sit pretty and expect that your customers will remember you when they want to make a purchase. Someone else might be marketing something to them and make them distracted. Besides, they don’t owe you anything.

#3 Upgrade your Knowledge

When you constantly upgrade the quality of your services you make you customers have something to look forward to. Something to tell them about to get them excited to do business with you more often etc

#4 Learn to Collaborate.

Collaborating with others in your community helps you and your customers. One way to go about is a hosting a pop up shop where other fashionpreneurs can come together to provide products and services your customer needs all in one place.

#5 Know the kind of employees you hire

Even if you have the best product in the history of products, your employees can ruin your customer experience and make your product not so appealing to your customer. Hire only polite, warm, friendly and pleasant employees with good customer care qualities

#6 Make it easy for your customers to contact you

If you run an ecommerce shop, don’t hide your contact form and make your customers have to search for it. Try to reply social media direct messages, comments and emails, promptly.

#7 Get feedback

Pay attention when your customers give feedback and also ask for feedback if they do not give it on their own. You can also build a survey with survey monkey regarding their opinion about your product/service and send to them. Don’t be sad or disappointed if you get negative reviews, because apart from exposing problems your product might have, negative feedback helps you improve your offer.

#8 Keep your customers updated

The best move you can make is to keep your customer updated on your product/services, their order etc. you need to inform your customer immediately if there’s any issue with their order, for example, if an item out of stock or if a delay is likely for any other reason.

And take full responsibility for dealing with it, never ever blame it on your supplier, employee, delivery platform or anyone else. Always contact your customer to inform them, before they even know there’s a problem. This will put them at ease and make them impressed and actually turns a failure on your part into a demonstration that you care and are reliable. A simple apology and show of care works wonders in business. A small gift or discount might also help smooth out the situation.

# 9 Show appreciation

Always show appreciation to your customers, send a handwritten thank you note along side with their package. Reward a customer for a referral with a special discount or even just a message expressing your gratitude. Don’t wait till your customer receives their order and thanks you before you reply with “you’re welcome”
You can even have a loyalty program specially designed to reward loyal customers. However, it is very annoying to find out that new customers are getting the same rewards you claim to be set out for “loyal customers”. Reward for inconvenience, it helps protect you without offending the customer.

#10 Try to surprise them.

This is one of the reasons why facebook and your bank wishes you happy birthday every year. Although it is an automated process, it makes them feel special. You can also do this automatically with your email marketing platform but you’d have to collect basic information like their name and date of birth when they sign up. You can even tailor it so well that they are given a special discount on their birthdays. If you do not want to go the birthday route, you can reward repeat customers with discounts or freebies like I mentioned above. Be sure to always address them by name in order for them not to feel like it is a generic message. Your email marketing platform can also help you do this.

#11 Acknowledge orders

Acknowledge an order as soon as it s made to avoid your customers thinking you are unavailable or something is wrong. You can do this by sending a personal message, email or by using an automated reply feature on your ecommerce store (if you have one). You should also acknowledge any returns as soon as they arrive.

#12 Support multiple channels

Research shows that businesses with multiple channels are more profitable than those without. Make it easy to shop from you by utilizing both the online and offline platforms. People like variety, make it easy for them to make and order via phone call, email, social media direct messages, online store and brick and mortar store.
These practices can help you keep your customers loyal over time. When your customers feel like you know them and care deeply about them, they are more inclined to feel like they are a part of your brand and stay loyal.

I hope you find these simple effective ways to keep your customers coming back helpful. Which of these ways do you use? Are they any other ways you use that are not listed here? Share in the comment section.

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